Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2015

Omnia with a song for all you warriors out there - FIGHT!

A video by Omnia with bold statements and positive vibes.

When I feel that the shrewd and wicked assholes and Monsantoists get the better end of ourselves, then I listen to this song. And then it is I remind myself that there are a lot of people making music like this and listening to it and roaming the woods and caring.

For more info on sea shepherd, look here.

But there are a load of things you can do without joining institutions or run amok with vegan radicalisms! Just look around you... and think about what you see.

Personally I have realized a lot of things and decided:

-to wear my clothing until it falls apart
-to repair as much as I can
-to buy good clothing regionally if I can
-to create as much of it as I can myself
-since I am no vegetarian and see no gain for myself and nature  in becoming one I obstain from discount meat and fast food and buy as much as I can regionally and of high quality resulting in delicious meals with a bonus for nature
-I question my consume behaviour every day. Doesn´t mean I am perfect at all, as you know full well.
-I do not eat soja and don´t buy discount bread
-I do not own a car and go by bus or train and use the walks and rides for a workout
-I seldom drink bottled water but tap water with homemade syrups if I feel like having a soft drink
-I seldom drink soft drinks
-I do not throw away plastic bottles. I reuse every plastic bag I have to accept up to a hundred times.
-I make tools and provisions for myself from other people´s crap
-I teach children that doing it the tribal way is fun and adventure, I teach them how to repair things and make new ones from other people´s crap

Please do not take this as a pointed finger. Those are my personal challenges, and I do not always succeed. But I keep on trying.

And that´s the culprit of it all: It´s hard to live in a world of assholes, yup.

But we are many. And you are not alone, even if we seldom can talk to each other. But rest assured: You are beautiful. You are perfect.

For you try hard to become someone better than you were. Have no fear!

And feel hugged.

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