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Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2015

Winter spin - off with Kai

 I am currently havin a ball with my thrombophilic legs again, so it´s move or die. I tend to be a lazy bum but it´s always good to motivate if you have some ol´bstd always willing to join in another totally sick adventure, so I called up Kai, who, for a change is not suffering any severe injury at the moment in spite of having just returned from a skiing vacation;-).

Turns out he had time (damn, do I really want this???;-) Now I am nicked... Now I have to ride;-)... Damn....;-)) and I contemplated calling him again to postpone it, but did not want to be a sissy;-). He´d make fun of me for years to come!:-D So outside into the cold, all wrapped and bundled, with a flask of tea for the rewards in the backpack. Up the hill and down to Kai´s place all was relatively fine except for the ice-cold mud water running down your arse... and it was only after we had rendezvoused and decided we´d do it the hard way, that it began to snow. And to snow. And to snow some more. Up the hill I really messed up because my blood flow is not all it should be at the moment, and I had to push the last metres of the uphill. Kai was grand in that he realized I was being serious about the problems and kept his nasty comments to a minimum. I, in turn, was delighted and pissed off at the same time because he simply rode away from me. How come? It was me tutoring Kai how to ride as a kid. If he gets the better end of this old fart, I can claim responsible for this, too. But old farts tend to get grumpy, if the young guns show them their time has come;-).
 Anyway, it was a good-natured ride, of course, for in spite of our rough talk, I guess we simply like each other, and know we can rely on each other even under conditions.. well, like this. In fact, the ride was one of the funnest things I did in the last five years.
 We played around like kids, doing the old "BRAAAAAPBRAAAP" - motorcycle sound simulation.
 The gate to the otherworld.....

"Whose woods these are I think I know,
His house is in the village, though
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.
My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near;
He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake
The only other sound´s the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake"
(Robert Frost: Stopping by woods on a snowy evening)

Then we made for the hilltop, and it was purely Idita-style. How come? I-Dita push...;-P

On top of things we discussed taking the singletrail, but Kai said "Hey, let´s just ride comfortably round it". I said, okay, I am not at my best, maybe someone would be hurt the other way, and so we rode a different trail-BAM! Over logs and fallen brushes, through the thicket, over and around fallen roots... So much for comfortable;-), but great fun.
The way home was comfortably made on a wet road with ice-cold muck water running down my arse again, into my shoes, soaking my waterproofs, with no feeling in my fingers and toes, and pain in my back.

And we parted with a grin so broad as if chopped into our faces. It was a great ride with a great guy in a great and alien wood enchanted by the snow, playing and fighting and having a ball. Just as it should be.

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