Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2015

Flea Market find of a Greek miniature knife

 This is a knife I found on a recent flea market that screams "high-end tribal design" on top of its lungs. It is the "miniature" of a popular Greek design, and I got it for 5€. The blade presumeably is high carbon spring steel, bolster is a beautifully accomplished "habaki" design from brass, the scales are highly polished buffalo horn.
 The blade has a great edge retention while being flexible to the max. Whoever made this knows a thing about heat - treating.
 Beautifully swallows tail handle design.
 That blade is extremely thin, making it a monster slicer at 1-1,5 mm spine thickness.
The sheath is ... a good excuse to make a new one, but still, the craftsmanship is great, even if it does not work so well. I will make a neck sheath for it.

I am proud of it!

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