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Dienstag, 13. November 2012

New Nessie design

 I was feeling inspired by my mountain man bushcraft as well as the "Flachschmieder" by Rudolph Broch, one of those people I have learned a lot from, so, when I was at the last Hammer - In of the season, I made this blade out of spring steel. 110 mm long, the spine is 5 mm thick, and the knife has seen little stock removal as is and no power tools except for drilling the holes for the tang. I will keep working on that, too;-). The handle is made from sambar stag antler I found on a flea market, wait, is that 8 years? 8 years ago;-) it is indeed, and I am an old fart!*ggg*. I really like this material a lot for its amber colour. The pins are made from copper tube. With a length of Paracord you can fix it to a stick to harvest apples, plums or herbs normally out of reach. To me, the handle is comfortable, and I like the slightly offset edge for cutting on a level, as when snacking with a wooden board. In spite of the chunky spine thickness, it really cuts well and even works great in the kitchen. Chopping onions, slicing salami and bacon are a cinch, really. I guess it has something to do with the fact that it has no secondary bevel, and the little convex part there is is virtually non-existent. It is edge - quenched, though, and I already slammed it into a mild steel bar and unmounted a tin can;-) with it, with no dents whatsoever.
 The spine. The tang will see some filing still.
I also made a simple sheath already. Wet - formed around the handle, and hot - waxed to give a firm base, almost like Kydex! (not that this would be a good thing, mind you*ggg*.

As is, I like it. It will see some refining and polishing the edge, and then I will be in for some interesting testing again.*ggg*


  1. That's a lovely interpretation of the Nessie. When I get back into making some knives again, I think I'll have to make one that looks like this markus!

  2. It also reminds me somewhat of a Canadian guide's knife.

  3. @Joel: Thanks a lot, it means a lot to me that you (whose knives I really estimate as works of art) appreciate my work. I hope all turns out well soon and look forward to seeing your new knife designs!

    @Gorges: I like that kind a lot, especially the Grohmann belt knife (I own one, in fact, and it´s a great and practical design. I guess it´s for the slightly offset edge, which is a real good feature when working on a board or when skinning and preparing food.


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