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Dienstag, 13. November 2012

New Leaf -handle blades

 I finished those two knives the other day and thought I´d give you some decent pics. Both are made from spring steel, with a selective temper. This one is more of an utility design. 110 x 5 mm, edge quenched.
 The backside.
 The leaf I forged with the peen of a small locksmith´s hammer.
 This is more of a kopis design. I love to make these for the flowing lines they have, and they really feel good and dynamic when cutting. They are also great for foraging herbs and green food. Removing bark from a stick also is quite a cinch.
 I have tested this one to an extreme defree already: It supports my weight, and I´m fat!;-)
 The backside.
And the leaf. I also like the fact that they are ready to use when the forging´s done. And for an all - metal design, they are very comfortable to hold onto. They simply work, and work great even when the going gets tough. So I will make more of them...*ggg*


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    1. You do me too much honor, I have a lot to learn still. But thanks for the kind words, they propel me forward!


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