Donnerstag, 29. November 2012

Looking for a dress Sgian Dhú? Being my own worst enemy;-)...

Now this might be a bit counterproductive, but if you are looking for a dress sgían dhú, there is also another knifemaker in my periphery, whose knives are not as tribal as mine. It is Thomas Pludra, who also is a member of Clan McLaren Friends Of Germany. He makes knives like this one below.
His knives are of some great quality. He uses spring steel mostly. They come, for the most part, with a rattail tang halfway up the handle. His dirks are peened over a buttcap.

Now, what am I up to? Do I want to sell MY works or that of others?*ggg*I have no business license, so I don´t sell professionally in the first place.

Let me shed some light into that: My knives are different. They are ugly bastards, but each and every one is tested to the extreme. But there are times when you do not want an ugly bastard that looks like it has been made with a hole in the ground and a plastic bag for a bellows and on a stone as an anvil, (which in fact, comes quite close to the truth.;-))

Thomas is a great guy, and his works are great also, and much more refined. He uses power tools to a much higher degree and has learned his trade in Solingen, where there are the best craftsmen around.

So, if you insist on having a beast, I´ll make you one. 

If you want something more refined to go with a dress kilt, take a look at his works.

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