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Montag, 19. November 2012

Check him out-The great man Ilkka Seikku!

Click here to get to his homepage

Ilkka Seikku is the maker of the "bush prowler knife", and, being a smith myself, I can say I would trust my life to those blades by looks alone, and when my bank account allows, I guess I´d get myself one. If it doesn´t, I´ll do it myself;-). Anyway, that´s a great knife I simply wanted to share. Most of you might have heard about this man, but, here´s the link again, lest you forgot*ggg*. Enjoy!


  1. Who, who is he ?

    Those are pretty awesome tools i must say, theyre damn sharp, yet they also retain the sharpness, and still theyre capable to handle all sorts of stuff from delicate carving to butchering and chopping & batoning. And to me, its nice to know that its truely handmade in many ways, as its forged, not ground from blank, and the antler pieces are usually from game that the maker has shot himself, instead of having ought the antler from others shop.

    1. He really convinced myself when I learned he uses some sensible steel, not some heebie-jeebie-goobalabah-unobtanium. That way, there can´t be any other option - if the maker´s a skilled one - other than the knives working. I also like what you mention. Too many special waste on the market, if you ask me, and it´s great to see someone using material that´s at hand, and making great use of it in the process! He seems a great person, too...

  2. About a year ago, I had Ilkka make me a BushProwler with a few design changes. What a solid, quality knife! I don't think I'll be buying another knife anytime soon unless I lose this one. And if I do, I'll have Ilkka make me another one. :)

  3. Congratulations to your knife, and I wish I could afford one, too! But then I am altogether too fond of blades;-)... but isnpiring it is!


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