Donnerstag, 22. November 2012

A hike with Kai and into the spirits´realm... a strange sighting.

 I met with kai the other day and we decided to have a bimble into the woods. I hiked to his place, and we made for the hills. This is the Eugen - Richter tower we passed by. kai wanted to have a lookout for some suitable Hiking staff for him to carve-and found none.
 But we found a chainsaw sculpture and some cutoff tree discs...
 as a breakfast board or any such like. Kai is currently in some great pain for he suffers from severe back problems. The mad one went for the hike - which was no small one at all - nonetheless, so his facial expression on this pic might be excuseable;-). Get well soon, dude!
 We enjoyed a beautiful hike into the woods and relished in some good - natured  talk and some scenic vistas, clad into the vibrant colours of the dying year. At a local inn in the woods we had a good cuppa coffee and had some blacksmith´s tech talk... the other customers certainly must have had some funny thoughts about us having a coffee and talking in numbers and carbon contents;-)!
 The sun was not exactly out, and the clouds hung low. It was a very strange atmosphere the whole day through.

 When we came down from the hills, we said goodbye, and I went for the trail home. When I was on top of the next hill, I had a very strange feeling of the air humming with energy and vibrating through my very body. It was quite dark already, and I thought - since I am familiar with the feeling - to try and shoot a photo. It was not that misty, but this came out.

It was a weird effect, and I checked my camera, which is prone to do funny things these days, and made another photo with another setup just to be sure I did not get something wrong. Honestly, I do not know what this is, if it´s just some light effect due to the flash in the air´s humidity, but I could not help recognizing that there is some kind of structure in the picture, and if I look at it closely, I get the impression of a bearded face looking at the camera at an angle. Also note the strange diffusion of the light towards the ground, almost as if there were some kind of silhouette. It also reminded me of some hidden cave paintings in France. Also, when meditating in the woods, I have sometimes had a similar visual experience, eeven in the daylight. So, whoa Nellie, what I got here is a picture where presumeably the focus of the camera did go awry and the light diffuses strangely. I do not reject any superstitional theories, but do not buy into them either.

I respect the world of spirits, and, just in case, offered my greetings;-), and we both went on our merry

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