Donnerstag, 3. November 2016

Tiny but mean ;-)

 This is a knife after one I made for a friend of mine long time ago. She had been nearly raped one time and was obviously fearful of all the dark places in our oh so beautiful city and wanted a tiny knife to trim her fingernails ;-). It was one of the few occasions I made a knife for something other than eating smoked sausage);-)>, so to say.  Now it turned out I liked the knife very much (because it´s also a really cool little task knife or even for eating smoked sausage, not just raw ones... ;-), but always lacked the resolve to make another. Now, with a lot more experience, it was a right cinch to make. It was a leftover piece of metal, in fact. Spring steel, the blade is just over 5 cm long. I could fit on scales, and I am currently thinking about it, but it handles well enough as is.
 As you can see, it has a selective temper. The spine tapers severely to a pointypointy point.
The knife works exceptionally well when doing basketweaving or leather braiding. I am, as you well know, always fond of experimenting with knife designs and physics. I am currently thinking about making another one in a bigger layout... we´ll see!

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