Donnerstag, 3. November 2016

On the bench: Leaf-handled EDC

 Long time, no post, but lazy I have been not. Apart from having to clean up a ruin at the ironforge with virtually no help whatsoever, and generally having a shitty time at work to boot, I even managed to get in some forging, mind you! ;-) I like this style of knife. It requires little energy to make (which is fine to date...); I find it is aesthetically appealing, doesn´t look aggressive and handles well. The blade is all spring steel with 0,55-0,6% carbon in it, carburized in the forge and selectively tempered.
 The leaf structure is made with the peen of my new hammer.
 Due to the added chunk in the handle, the design performs way better than typical blacksmith´s knives.
Blade has a high convex bevel to zero, which makes it an able cutter. I like it and will make a sheath for´t in winter ;-)... why is it always winter that´s passing so fast? ;-)

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