Mittwoch, 16. November 2016

Modern schooling and Armageddon: A Christian addenda to my most recent post

One of my oldest and most-respected readers made a comment to my recent post, and I wrote an answer, until I realized that I had written far to much for my reply form. But he deserves an answer, and this is what I wrote. I used a Christian terminology to make my point clearer, but I want you to keep in mind that I personally believe that words are far inadequate to describe a universal noumenon being.

I am well with you that modern schooling has a big part in turning anyone into sheep (or gold fish, so to say, although if we want to do anything against it (which is a thing we could still do), we have to elaborate this stance.

On the Armageddon part, however, I am decisively critical. As usual, I sincerely hope you are not taking offence by it, but personally I believe, while I know the chance is very great that it might happen these days, that God (to argue along these lines) loves His creation. He has chiselled the tiniest of flowers out meticulously, and he paid equal attention to detail in the creation of the tiniest of beings as well as the greatest of cosmic phenomena. He gave everything its place, and made a universe full of beauty. And let us not forget that Satan (to argue along these lines) was His creation in the first, too. He gave every being the chance to choose, of course. To destroy all of His creation would be either sadistic (which I believe that the First Cause is NOT) or meaning He has lost control over His creation. I do not believe that, too.

The changes we have to face, or even the disaster, I believe, would be exclusively the result of our actions, our choice. Personally I believe that God often intervenes to show us the effects of our behaviour, for it is Him who knows the laws of the universe first hand, to keep us from doing harm to ourselves. It is us who do not understand His language anymore, and it is us who therefore work out an Armageddon for us, for ourselves. We, as I personally believe, should strive to become better beings in the context of creation, not point a finger at our neighbours and rejoice in them being extinguished and burning in a neverending hell. Everyone has a choice, that is true. I am not perfect, and I am very afraid, of course I am. And I have a big part in creating a world that´s hell made earth, that is also true. But I do not believe that God wants us all to burn in hell. He wants us to live in the law and in His creation, and love it, and care for it. He, if we continue to talk along these lines, loves us and doesn´t want to hurt us. But we insist on hurting and doing mischief, as the kids we are. The effects are, as I said, the result of our behaviour, of our egoism and ruthlessness and immorality, but the moral system is not ours, but the law of the universe. We do not have the means to understand the language anymore, after we had built the Babel tower. Only if we allow the Whitsun miracle to happen, can we even understand. We know well what happened during that miracle. Eucharist is well-documented scientifically and psychologically sound, and it is the only feat in every religion and every culture that is shared. If we managed to concentrate what all believers on Earth have in common, if we managed to concentrate on what brings us closer to Him, Armageddon (which is presumeably at hand due to inter-religious conflicts) could still be put at bay (or so I believe). This is the reason I am very reluctant to call Him (or Her? or It?) names. Naming something gives you power, but what power do we have over God? We have nothing but love and the "Holy Spirit". We can feel it, and when we have experienced it, we would shut up, and "pray" (or meditate, chant, sing, dance, exercise penitence, or whatever brings one closer to Him (Her, It), and do the work we are given, and live through our travails.
I personally believe that everyone can experience Eucharist at will. I have done some studies in theology myself and I daresay there is a lot a Christian church keeps away from its disciples. The most grave aspect of this is the fact that priests usually know full well about the fact that the feeling of Eucharist can be experienced at will. But the routines of meditation are kept away from the disciples. Some priests do this as to not confront or burden their fold, actually meaning good, others out of hierarchic sentiments. Armageddon induces fear, for instance, and it is used in some contexts to actively prohibit the "sheep" from being delivered or enlightened by the Holy Spirit. For meditation is not possible in a state of constant fear.

The path of acquiring this knowledge by oneself is extremely dangerous and difficult. The adept can suffer from everything from brain stroke, sexual overactivity or impotence, hallucinations and severe psychic damage. I have lived personally through a lot of these dangers. Some say, that´s obvious ;-). Kidding aside: No one wanted to tutor me, so I tutored myself. I can never know if I am right, and I do not claim to be, but fact is, it was and is a very arduous journey, and I have to admit it might not be for everyone, and I can understand that some Christians were giving up and giving in to the so - called enlightenment movement, which now is the pillar on which Western civilisation is built on. And nothing wrong with that, actually, but many came to a false conclusion. They said "God is dead", because they had no evidence of Him and no possibility of experiencing the feeling that is called Eucharist in Christian belief, and some of them dismissed everything of moral value altogether with that conclusion. And, to shorten up this essay and go full circle, I personally think, "modern schooling" is a product of this mindset.

In days gone by a "good whacking" was an essential part of education, and I am decisively no advocate of this. There is a point when you have to clearly set the borders in education, but, as I said in other contexts, violence is NEVER an option. If you have to whack the shite out of your pupil, you have entirely lost control over the situation, and you set nothing right, but create a time - bomb. I have, when working as a tutor, had a lot of good success even with difficult kids, by explaining and taking a firm and decided stance. The kids did a lot of testing, but I am proud to say that they never questioned my authority.

"Laissez-faire" needs confidence on all sides, but modern-day teachers cannot develop confidence, because they are not allowed room for decisions, and their own betters sabotage their authority. Their education does not involve the development of their personality, and this is due to the lack of confidence, or even fear, in their parents. Many of them do not know who they are themselves, how can they possibly teach kids to agnize  what it is that their personality stands for? And, by the way, this is not even wanted in the first place. Kids are seen just as material to work in industrial slavery jobs. Working for ten years in business promotion has made this abundantly clear to me. Some lucky few get an education along these lines - these are the ones who are the kids of the upper strata of economy, and they will be the ones to enslave the blue - collar ones of the next generation, and so forth, and all this will contribute to spread false paradigms, until, in fact, "Armageddon" will happen. But it will be a self-fulfilling prophesy, not the work of God.

As our teachers lose control or work out of egoistic reasons, as our economy stands for ruthless egoism, and the "ego is the destroyer of reality" (, we´re in for a "bad moon rising". (Please take note, I am not a theosophist either, and put that link there only because I like the book and have the opinion that it illustrates the matter.)

Our cherished internet is a playground of the ego. Even writing a blog about myself is egomania, but in the internet it is one of the less egomanic things one is confronted with. There are people even sharing their morning turd with the whole world on whatsitcalledbook. But the Ego will not survive, neither Death nor "Armageddon".

Plus, it is not possible to experience "flow", "Eucharist", "Satori", "Wu Wei" etc. when in an egomanic mindset. So, no Whitsun miracle for modern-day-society. Of course I will continue using the internet, for an Ego is a part of one´s personality, and it needs its right in itself. But I am aware that the Ego will not last. Reality is far more complicated than sharing a turd on facebook. But since reality is destroyed, we get ever deeper
into what I´d like to call the "Babel tower" - conflict, for we get at an ever greater distance from reality. Reality is the place where we can get to agnize the "Holy Spirit". And no, the internet is not responsible for "Armageddon". We are.

We are responsible. But there is something we could do: We could at least try to start with ourselves, and we can always hope, and we can love. At least we can try. 

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