Dienstag, 20. September 2016

Leaf handled blacksmith´s knife

 I must admit I am a bit proud of this... it has been some time since I last had the opportunity to actually forge more complex things, so I was quite enthused to get at it again.
 This is a leaf-handled knife apparently, from spring steel. The leaf structure is hammered out. The knife measures in at a handy 85x3mm. It has seen less than 1 % stock removal and is selectively tempered.
 I did a countertorsion on the handle to add some swing to it.
 The blade has a handy thickness that makes it feel quite dexterous. I have to redo the grind a bit, but then it´ll be good to go.
I am planning a more complex adaptation of the topic with a bit more spice in the steel construction... I will keep this one, though... ;-)

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