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Dienstag, 20. September 2016

New hadseax for Tina

 This is a knife I made for a friend of the magic troll´s and me, a reenactor of Celtic culture and aspiring Viking ;-). The seax is made from steel I found in the woods, and which is apparently crucible Damascus.
 The handle is reindeer antler and birchwood burr.
 I carved a little dragon knotwork in...
 ...and fitted a raw garnet in the butt cap...
 The knife is rather thin and cuts very good. It´s roundabout 85x3mm long and thick with a high, almost flat convex bevel which should serve her well when carving, preparing food and other chores.
I just hope she likes it... I had to rush it some and I am not that content as always... but I guess she will...


  1. Thanks, Gorges! I rushed it a bit... had some 4 h for everything, and normally I would take more time...


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