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Donnerstag, 19. März 2015

Another fun ride

Okay again, so my cellphone beeped with short messages constantly, and I was like, Moritz, don´t wanna go riding today, no really I won´t.

Seems I actually DID want to go, but did not know it. ;-)

Moritz fetched me at work, we fetched the bikes and gear and off we were for some 2 hours of singletrail riding at the Harkortberg Enduro trail again. Simple as that. We unpacked the bikes and warmed up by doing a bit of rolling. Moritz was like "Today I´ll gonna do that "big" drop....". Sorry enough for us both, the "big" drop ´s just 80cm, but, hey, it´s all in the eye of the beholder. Time was when I just rolled it home with no thinking at all and did not even see it as a mild distraction, but that is past tense. So we both rolled alongside it, did a lot of discussing and freaking out at the sight of it, rolling up to it and simply not daring do it... until, well, Moritz just rode up to it and did it. Simple as that. I was just doing too much thinking again, and consequently this old fart did not manage and took the chicken way again. So I asked Moritz, what mental trick he had done to achieve this and what his meditation technique was. He thought for a moment and paused and said: "Thinking of boobies...";-). I tried it, but it did not work out for me, unfortunately. But, since taking the chickenway was way slower, I had to do something, for we raced each other down the hill laughing like kids all the way down... and I. WILL. NOT. BE. DEFEATED;-). So it was hammering the berms and working on my berm technique, and so I had my share of fun. One time Moritz got the better end of me and sometimes I was at the front. We just could not get enough, and started to combine lines and criss-crossing the lines from northshore line to flowy jump line.

It went dark, and still we did some more runs, until I could not judge my lines properly anymore and Moritz was well fluffy.

Off then to the city to get some food, have a chat, and the evening was round and whole. Good! 

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