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Dienstag, 24. März 2015

On the bench-some progress

 I am a bit reluctant- might well be that you are getting fed up with those progress posts, but bhere they come. Sanded and filed the handles of the two Rus knives, and in the middle´s the Tai - Goo - style bush knife with a quick paracord wrap.
On the big ´un with the Kopis blade that will see a carving.... this, see? I daresay one can imagine how I had the idea...;-). Or any such like. Quite certainly it will be modified in the progress.
Anyway, I am talking in ellipses, what I want to say is, I fitted a buttcap out of homemade Mokume Gane. Silver and copper. 
I look forward to the knife. I peened the tang over with the tip submerged in a piece of hardwood, crosswise to the grain and levered it out, and it took it with no damage. It´s not THAT hard, but hard enough to carve mild steel rods and chop antler, so it´ll do fine for my woodwalking and re-enactment endeavours. I am taking this quite slow, because I want to find a story suited to it in the work process, and a name that fits. Watch this place, it´ll be not the last time you´ll read about it;-).

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