Donnerstag, 7. März 2013

A wonderful bimble with the magic troll;-)

I visited the magic troll last weekend. It has been quite some time, and I deeply regret that, but life is not always good to us. It felt simply good to spend time with the person I love most in the world, but that is private;-). Anyway, we went for a bimble in the sunny hills above her home and simply enjoyed each other´s company and the weather and nature which is slowly awakening from a long winter´s slumber.
A pale winter sun still, but a sun it was, and it warmed our souls. We silently, smilingly wandered through this wonderful light and into the forest.
This ancient spruce stood beside the trail,
... and in the hedge there was this abandoned bird´s nest.
The sun went lower, and over MUDDY;-) puddles and leftover snow we came to a bench beside the trail...
And the magic troll was so excited to take a break she had to dance out of joy!!!!*ggg*
We sat there snuggled together, had a cuppa tea from our wooden pints;-) and enjoyed a beautiful sunset. As we sat there, we observed a fox strolling by on his own business, seemingly completely ignorant to the fact that there were a lot of people around. My favourite person made some photos, and watch her blog for ´em!
As the light drew to a close, we observed a herd of roe deer in the distance, grazing there unscathed by our presence, too. It was a very energizing outing again.

We have to do that again soon!;-)

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