Mittwoch, 20. März 2013

Fimbulmyrk and the Glücksschmied forging against racism and fascism@ Georg Agricola University, Bochum

On 21st of March, Volker and myself willl do a blacksmithing demo and an action against racism and fascism on Georg Agricola University Bochum campus. 

Visitors will forge a double swan´s neck chain link that will hopefully become a long chain that we will present to the university as a symbol of unity of cultures.

If you are near, don´t hesitate to drop by and do some forging against hate and ultimately against the rout of mankind.

Racism exists in all cultures, but there is one simple phrase that could extinguish all of it, if only people would realize:

The earth is round. 

Everything comes full circle. Everything you do will come back to you. You can do what you want, as long as you do no harm. If you have to do harm, do twice good. If you hurt someone, heal in turn.

And as this is so, the chain will become full circle to symbolize the eternal brotherhood of man, blessed by iron, fire and wind, by earth and water.

And iron will prevail.

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