Donnerstag, 28. März 2013

On the bench: Leaf handled knives

Now life´s not at all a cheesecake all the time*ggg*, and you can´t make damascus all the time, so here they come: Three new leaf - handled knives out of spring steel, all around 12 cm long (meaning they´re a legal carry), with no stock removal to date. When done, they will have seen the grinding machine for less than 1%, meaning little heating and little loss of temper. All are between 3,4 and 4 mm thick, the middle, which shall be a chopper, being the thickest. These knives are generally extremely rugged and versatile, and the handle is surprisingly comfortable to work with. They are also fun to make and require little energy, and sometimes it´s just refreshing to make something a little less challenging to put up to the next challenge with a fresh mindset.

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