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Mittwoch, 6. März 2013

A damascus knife for the magic troll;-)

 Originally this should have been a Chrismas present, but I messed up, so I gave it to her this weekend.
A short (85mm x 3mm ca.) damascus blade from Zwissler damascus, 15N20 and 1.2842, selectively tempered. Titanium bolster and a yew handle. Better photos will follow soon! And I am looking forward as to what sheath she will make for it...;-)


  1. That's a very nice little knife. I'm sure she was pleased.

  2. She´s altogether too fond of blades;-). Thank you, Gorges, I guess she was...;-) the next one will be better...

  3. Indeed nice little knives. I've become more fond od small knives nowadays.


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