Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2016

New viking sheath knife

 This is my latest project: A Viking sheath knife inspired by Norse blade finds and Mammen carving patterns. The Damascus blade (100x 5-1.5 mm) is made from file and spring steel. And here comes the best: If anyone finds a flaw, he can keep it for himself! :-P It is not quite perfect, because I am still not good enough to perform forgewelding while Nick insists on telling me jokes that are not funny and asking me how to take over Western society ;-). But as is, it cuts like the proverbial whatsitcalled ;-). Handle is...
 ...carved and tanned reindeer antler and birchwood burr.
 The blade gradually tapers from 5 - 1.5 mm, which makes for a very durable yet well-balanced and slicey blade.
 A garnet for a butt cap. The tang is almost a full tang, so no need to peen it over, and so I thought I could do some bling...;-)
The Scandi - style sheath is made from hardened leather.

I like it and I use it!

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