Dienstag, 21. April 2015

Viking Bling;-)

 I guess it has happened.:-) I have fallen in love with Viking bling.

I got a bit of fur and a silver cup for the magic troll (you know, vikingsgángr...;-))
 And I have tried something new: Silverworking and jewellery. Certainly not as eloquent as the magic troll´s work, but I am still learning:-). This is a "shot spoon". Little archaeological evidence has been found concerning this valuable tool. But it is very practical to have on a re-enactment fair. Just imagine someone brings out the well-seasoned whisky and you have none;-).
 I made it from an old spoon. It was annealed and then drawn out to get deeper and rounder, and I forged a swan´s neck to hold the two-in two byzantine chain [edit]: This type of chain was also popular with the Pictish peoples abroad. This one is made from brass wire.
 Plus, I got the small Rus replica finished and tested it, which was a disappointment at best. Chopping antler dented the blade, and the hindmost part towards the handle is so soft it just so carves mild steel. Doh.
But overall, I like this new obsession;-).

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