Mittwoch, 29. April 2015

Ranger bag-it was about time

 Yap, it really was. Indeed. It was about time that I completed a project so long overdue that none but my longest - time readers might remember me having the plan. I had always been a bit timid to make a real bag. I am - out of reasons even I cannot tell - always a bit reluctant to measure and meter and draw schemes, and for a simple leather sheath that is fine. But a bag, even a simple one, is a whole different matter, due to the complexity. But, keeping in mind the craftsmen in the Viking age also did not measure and meter and scheme in the way we do, and concerning the immense quality of their products, I figured that there had to be a way. I had read an article about ethnomathematics in the knotwork panels of the Celtic peoples and am slowly becoming aware of the fact that the way things were measured in the Viking age and earlier might have been altogether different than nowadays. Many things were made by manual geometrics using compass and lines or estimation. So, less talk, more action, I simply cut the pieces, punched them and stitched them together. Above´s a typical content as it will be used. Gladhustrók is lying there , because I made an EDC sheath for it. There´s also my striker, an ear spoon toiletry device, the shot spoon and two silver mugs. I guess I am still about what items to fit in, and I will quite certainly make another bag, because it was fun. 

Of course, the magic troll made fun of me because the bag´s a bit overbuilt, so to say ahem;-). The back is made from 6 mm leather, the sides are 3 mm and the front still some 2,5 mm leather, all put together with tough and sturdy 2mm pitched twine. But I had suffered enough bags coming apart in the middle of nowhere and thought I´d rather carry a bit extra weight instead of having to walk 20 km with a lot of stuff in my arms again.:-)

I think the bag´s not quite eloquent, of course, and my decorating it will not help that;-), but it´s well sturdy, and I like it. Now it´ll be some carving the flap, adding a bit of brass or copper for reinforcing the strap and strap hole, and it´s in for waxing and oiling and off to the trails!;-)

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