Mittwoch, 15. April 2015

Sheath for the Rús replica knife- and a name

 Now this one makes me a bit proud... my first reconstruction of a Viking sheath that actually deserves the name. The first one I was a bit ashamed of, but, hey, it´s learning by doing...;-). This one also has room for improvement. The mountings are made from copper, and I have yet to learn how to work with it. Keeping that in mind, I am nonetheless quite happy with the outcome, and it certainly will not be the last in this line of design. It is inspired by Finnish (Kekomäki and Suontaniemi) and Gotlandic finds. It is an interpretation. The knotwork and spiral patterns are of my design.
It is quite surprising how well this type of sheath keeps the knife in. It seems next to impossible to lose a knife from a sheath in this configuration.

The name of the knife is written in runes from the elder Futhark. It reads "Gládhustrók". It should mean "lightning strike". My faithful readers might know why that is so;-).

The magic troll already made fun of me because it resembles "Stroík Gládu" in Croatian, meaning "hunger strike". I reconstructed it into Old Icelandic from Faeroian, but I am still not sure if it´s a true name or just a fancy... I´ll keep you informed!:-)

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