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Freitag, 4. Oktober 2013

The scent of autumn

 It is here. That time of year when the year draws to a close. As with old age, things start withering, but there is also an air of one last violent flourishing, of ripening fruit and flourishing herbs, of sprouting mushrooms, violently pushing out from the dark. It is here. That time of the year, when mists waft through the darkening woods, and the sounds grow silent, until silence is all that remains.

I went out in the woods, following narrow trails seldom trod, relishing in the silence and the twilight as in a precious dark red wine long dispensed with, enjoying all those colours becoming so much more vivid and elegant.
 European Rowan berries (Sorbus Aucuparia, in German: Vogelbeere, Ebereschenbeere). They are rich with Vitamin C, but also with Paraascorbin acid, which is laxative. Therefore rowan berries should not be eaten unprocessed.  I collected some for gin. Take two handfuls for one litre of Vodka, cover with Kandis sugar or honey. But first let them rest in watered vinegar for three days. Then take them out, rinse them with water, and process them further. You can also make jam from them! If you suffer from mild food poisoning and are absolutely sure of your diagnosis, you can use them as a purgative.
 On I wandered through the darkening woods, still in their green dress. Ever so powerful, this tree grew through this pitchfork. The tree survived. The pitchfork is falling prey to the tooth of time, and its rusty colour is becoming more and more becoming a part of the fallen leaves in colour and substance to give nourishment to all those creatures of the underground dwelling on the decay of the living.
 Few if any consider that the mushrooming part of the mycelium is but the smallest part.
 Deep down in the darkness there dwells the root, and the human soul mirrors the sprouting mushrooms, in that mind and body are but protrusions of that which lies submerged...
 And thusly I wandered, deeper into the woods, where man does not tread. In stealth I went, barefoot and calm, into a realm where light is dim and strange the sounds that reach our ear. Here there is no modern man, and even the most civilized human being realizes with fear and terror that his well-mended world is but a surface embellishment. Reality there thrives violently and without mercy, and cares not for human care nor value.
 But paths there are for those who dare to tread them.
 And light there is, ever so much brighter in the dark.
 For woods come to a clearing, and there is rest... I sat down and had a cuppa tea and whittled some shavings and did some stumpsitting...

Near my resting place I came across this little caterpillar. Don´t know what it is or what it´s called, but beautiful it was.

 And a wasp spider building its net, weaving artfully and beautifully - the death of its prey. Such is nature: Beautiful and wicked at the same time...
 I came to the foot of the hills when the light drew to a close, and I ventured farther into the murky woods...
 Sloe (prunus spinoza, in German: Schlehe). I collected some for gin and jam...

 ´shrooms!!!! Bay boletus and boletus in fact, and quite some impressive ones... I took several home to dry. I use to dry them with a dousing of salt and some herbs. That way you have a great instant mushroom soup....;-)

I arrived upon the hill at dusk.

And while I waited for the bus my mind was racing brim full with the experience. I find it becomes harder to adapt to this funny postmodern society the more I venture into the twilight. But, this question remains to be asked: Which is more important?


  1. Was gibt's schöneres als eine Wanderung im Herbstwald?
    Leider habe ich dazu keine Zeit (oder keinen Dampf), aber ich darf den Herbst auf eine ganz andere Art geniesen!

  2. Ik hou van de mooie kleuren en de klaare lucht. Het is heel leuk, en ik vind het leuk, med dij te communiceren.;-).. was that Dutch or a deadly insult;-).

  3. Das war eigentlich ganz gut!
    Du hast eine bessere version von Google translate? ;)

    I do need to use the German language everyonce in a while, just to keep it from rusting solid completely.....

  4. I hate Latin teachers, so when at the university, I chose a Dutch beginner´s course instead (and Swedish. And Old Icelandic. And Old Saxon. And Old High German. Everything to steer clear of Fascist Latin teachers;-)). And my ex - girlfriend lived in Maastricht once, where I learned to order myself een stockbrodje... but It´s all rusted now... but feels good as a challenge. I got this office job that makes me dull and dumb.


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