Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2012

Örnie;-) Pummelzahn party at the Bethaus

 On Saturday, the children´s holiday program "Ernie Pummelzahn" took place in the Bethaus smithy, and I helped out Volker. It was right mad, for there also was a wedding taking place and passers - by came along like mad! So but few pics. Above is Lukas, who forged, annealed, filed and tempered his first utility sheath knife and was righteously pround of his achievement. We made this from some C 45 with 0,45 % carbon content. To do it more safely, we quenched in oil, and yap, I know, we should have quenched in water;-). I forged hearts, snakes, snails, nails, Thor´s hammers, mini horseshoes, ram´s heads, and all the while they kept coming. But suddenly, all was over. Funny, but all of a sudden, the smithy was empty.

So we vleaned up the mess, and I worked on some projects of my own.

 Skinning knife with a finger ring that also works with a full-hand-grip. 1.2842, and edge - quenched.
Top is a project I have been working on for quite some time now, a dragon handled spring steel knife. Below is a big En - Nep, C 100Cr6 that has to see quite a lot of forging, too. And the camp knife out of crucible steel courtesy of the woods around my home I tempered encore une fois, for it got not hard enough, and it did not work, either. So next time will see some water quenching. If that does not work either, I will experiment with a carbon cementation process Viktor taught me.

And the lowest in line is a damascus viking women´s pendant knife, 1.2842 and tank cannon I tempered.


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