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Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012

New knife by Boker Plus

On I came across this knife, which looks quite good on first glance. Steel is a 440C, the blade is not overly thick at 3,9 mm, and it comes with a leather sheath and a fire rod...

I would very much like to test it.;-) Anyone listening?*ggg*


  1. That's a Ray mear's Woodlore clone! Although I weakened twice and made two almost like this one, I have always resisted making anymore, because everybody who makes a knife over here makes them!

    And the ones I made, I made different: one was 2mm thick blade, the other one...can't remember now, but it was different! If you want one of the "real" Woodlore, there is (or was last time I looked) a waiting list of....wait for it...10 YEARS!

    If you want a blade Markus, send me your adress via Email and I'll post you one. I have half a dozen of them somewhere, I got in a trade.:-)

  2. Yay, Joel, that´s too much! And very kind. I would therefore post you something in return, I have some goodies lying around for you for some time now...;-)


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