Dienstag, 11. Juli 2017

New steakhouse tanto finished

This is a knife I like a lot these days... made from magical sorcery steel I found in the woods and which contains more than just a bit of tungsten- it is frighteningly sharp. The blade is quite thick, but cuts well enough for a constant taper. Scales are bog oak from an iron mine in the #Muttental fitted with hollow pins. The sheath is vegetable tanned top grain leather with a dangler from mild steel, hand forged of course. I have come to just fit a long leather thong to the dangler and carry it under my shirt under the armpit... quite comfortable to carry, and you do not freak anybody out and it does not tug your pants down if you wear the light and loose-fit trousers I have come to like for the woods. For EDC you can just shorten it and stick the knife into your pocket with the same effect.

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