Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2017

A hike to an ancient hill fort´s´s ruin

Forgotten realms lie everywhere in the vicinity of my hometown. At least three sites of former early medieval settlements or even burghs are loosely dispatched along the Volme valley. I went to the remains of a site which is loosely dated towards the 10th or 11th century. Some archaeological evidence is given to that statement by the excavation of Pingsdorfer earthenware, which seems to give testimony to a use during the 10th and 11th century, so maybe the date of its building is a bit earlier. All along the vicinity of the valley there is evidence of early iron mining and processing, dating to the early medieval age, but, alas, a systematic excavation is still at large for the place.
But the sun was shining, and I took in the atmosphere of the place. The site is located atop the Minnersberg hill, just a short climb from the dale. By the way, the village in the Dale is actually called "Dahl", and this is a German version of the placename "Dale", and there are actually some dwarf legends abundant!
There are but the remnants of earth wall fortifications strewn about on the hilltop, with two separate walls with an entrance from the high plateau.

Anyway, I just was there to smell the roses, and bumbled along, deeply submerged in thought and dream.
The leafless trees cast long shadows; and how come the place talked to me in words lost for man I cannot know.
You can still see the walls, but you have to look for them. But still they are there, after all these centuries...
And trees are sprouting and prospering and dying and sprouting.

...nice little fella looking and hooting at me... ;-)
Then I just had a sitdown and a cuppa tea, and let my thoughts roam where they wanted.
And I did not know and did not want to know.
High aloof from the noise-ridden world of man I sat, looking down in oh so wonderful solitude.
I would love to tell you adventures...
Of what I saw and what I did...
...but fact is...
...I did nothing at all.
I just sat there and was. Nothing special at all, but so special that one is lost for words. It was a dream, and I breathed in the early year´s air, warm for February, and basked in the sun. I have a lot of worries and sorrows these days, but there it was they completely ceased to be.

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