Mittwoch, 30. März 2016

Encounter with the hornéd ones...

After work, and unnerved as usual, stressed and miserable like most of the times these days, I took the bus overland to get out into the woods. I hurried along, but as I hit the deep, silent and soothing woods, the stress subsided. Countless times I have told the tale, and as always the forest did its job on me. It´s like moss growing over the burning wounds of my heart, like a gentle spring rain. It is not exactly comfort, but more than that. 
There is life and death... there is war and killing, but all things make perfect sense most of the time. No stupid questions, no human interference. Just silence and justice without the sense of even being.
I saw tracks afield and wool from a mouflon on my way....
And as I went on, I actually came across a herd of mouflon.
In the far distance at first, I was somewhat freaked out that they actually came nearer. I can think of Mouflon Daddy coming home and telling his family he´d been observing humans...;-) "No, really, are there really some in the woods?"-"Yeah, but they were shy...";-)

On I went on my merry way... the herd came with me.

Then I came across this holly bush still carrying its berries... in March?:-)

It gave me a reminder that even in spring there is a hint of winter. Even if its just a memento. There´s death in life and life in death, and the hunter´s always prey. Message:-).

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