Mittwoch, 23. September 2015

Nature Art EN-just some impressions from an unusual exposition

Nick and Kathrin had called the other day if I´d wanted to come along visiting the nature art EN expo in the Hülsenbecker valley with them. This is a most interesting expo, for along the lines of the concept of nature art, which incorporates art in the context and nature-and the effects of nature upon art, it takes place in the beautiful valley of the Hülsenbecke creek (ash-grove creek). We met in the bus and the it was a short bimble towards the expo. Apart from the great company, it was an interesting, almost spellbinding venture into the woods. I guess it would be best to just share some pictures with you. After each piece of art I have made a picture of the plaque which tells you the name of the artist.

This one´s most fittingly labelled .... BOOBS!!!;-)

Boo... network summary discussion... *ggg*

This is not part of the exposition but a smelting oven Siegfried Gams had built. Every second year there´s the coalminer´s fest, when Siggi does a smelting process for kids and adults to illustrate the way it was made in ´em days. Hats off to the management of the forest bureau which runs this valley, which is a hotbed of the sustainability community over here!

What is home? Is there a second home? Can there be? Inspiring...

This is also very interesting, since the ancient mill´s or forge wheel is not only there for museum purposes, but actually produces sustainable electricity, and while illustrating sustainability for kids and adults alike also serves to provide what power is needed.
The day became complete with some wafers, cake and a coffee, and a delicious dinner at Nick and Kathrin´s... thank you so much, you´re my favourite hobbits these days! ;-)

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