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Mittwoch, 12. August 2015

On the bench these days - a viking shrubbery lore;-) knife from steel I found in the woods

 Now this was a most interesting find. On a recent stroll through my backdoor woods;-) (NO!PUN!INTENDED!*ggg*) I found a piece of steel, somewhat crescent-shaped with something like a tang protruding from it. It looked as if someone had disposed of a knife in the middle of the forging process. It was rotten with rust, and a strange blooming sort of rust characteristical for high-carbon steels and had some strange jingling, ringing sound when I hit it to a stone so I thought I would rescue it and do something with it. I had called Willy and offended him (sorry, dude, again!) if I could book a smithing tutorial with him to take care of the judicial problems I was faced with at the smithy at Volker´s. To make double sure, I also called Volker, and I was surprised, for he offered me some conditions I still have to contemplate. Bad ones, but still, it´s a smithy...

So off to Witten after a long time again. It wasn´t easy for me to swallow my pride again (and again, and again, and again), but flesh will not last, but steel is eternal. I had this piece of steel that had waited for me for a long, long time, and that wanted to be a knife, no, it screamed to be one. It was not easy to forge, being a high-carbon (spark analysis was like a fireworks...) one and me not wanting to ruin it all;-). But, following the pre-form that long - forgotten anonymous smith had given it, I made a knife from it. The steel is somewhat strange, in that it showed a distinctive pattern after quenching. At first I heat-treated it quite conservatively resulting in a less than ideal temper. Testing it, I realized it had an abnormal amount of flexibility so I pushed the envelope a bit. Still it felt soft in the edge... until I chopped brass and antler with it. Weird. 
 The blade tapers towards the tip... The handle will see quite a lot of work still of course. It´s made from reindeer antler and a brass bolster plate.
If you look closely you can see a hint of the pattern that showed. The blade measures in at a "highly illegal" ;-) 14 cm, but I will make a sheath and a case for it that locks. It will come in handy, for it is well balanced and without any stropping whatsoever is already bitingly sharp. It will make a good bushcraft and re-enactment knife, I guess.

My thanks go to Willy without whom this knife would not have been possible, and to Volker, even if I still have my grave reservations.

I will keep you posted on the progress and of the name-finding process...


  1. Bureaucrats are such idiots. A good piece of pipe is just as lethal as any blade.

  2. You are of course right, Gorges, but this is how it is. With just two fingers I can penetrate a melon´s skin. What that means is quite obvious; it´s not the knives that would kill, but the hand that holds it, and no laws can prohibit a lunatic from killing.

    I stick to the laws, because I know you are safer when you stop at traffic lights. That´s why they are made in the first place. And I do not wound anyone (at least I try) because I cannot heal wounds such as those I could inflict. So I do not do this.

    This is a mindset one could not easily presume in everyone. It means taking responsibility. Responsible and self-sustained persons are the lethal enemy of any totalitarian regime. Better a bunch of criminals to keep the citizens in a constant state of fear with some restrictive laws as seasoning than self-sustained, non-consuming real humans. It covers every aspect of everyday life, as you well know, right down to the food. Veganism is instituted to install the reign of big-term soja and seed corporations. Raw milk is forbidden to ensure no one can sensibly make their own cheese and cream (of course, health issues matter in this case also, but if you know how to treat raw milk and act responsibly, you won´t get sick, goto10).

    We live in a totalitarian system. I know it is unpopular in Europe to sympathize with Mr. Cipras, and he has made some grave mistakes, but there´s something to think about in it all. He called Europe (and the Western civilization) the Fourth Reich. Strong words from an outcast, but still they make me wonder.


Now go on, discuss and rant and push my ego;-). As long as it´s a respectful message, every comment is welcome!

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