Donnerstag, 6. August 2015

Helluva knife blog;-)

I recently came across this very great knife, tool and skills blog:

In it are featured many aspects of Scandinavian knife- and tool culture. For instance, Pasi Hurttila shows you how to forge a hatchet with a lot of valuable input:

I was also very fond of a great tutorial on a woven birchbark knife sheath:

The blog offers a clean homepage and a logical navigation via the wordpress system. It offers a lot of interesting features on knifemakers, blacksmiths, agricultural tools, bushcraft supplements as pouches, bags and sheaths and offers tutorials on half-forgotten techniques, very informative and well-structured tutorials by accomplished craftsmen.

If you´re into Scandinavian knifemaking culture, bushcraft or just a handicrafts and arts aficionado, go pay it a visit, it´s well worth it!

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