Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2015

New damascus hadseax completed

 It has been some time going, but here it is: Finally the Damascus hadseax I started some time ago. The blade is 1.2842 and rebar, 60 layers, selectively tempered and carburized in the forge, handle has Mokume gane bolster and buttcap, reindeer antler and yew fittings.
 I had a go at carving again, and while there´s still a lot of room for improvement, I notice some progress and hope to be able to do some more complex work soon.
The tang is riveted against a Mokume Gane buttcap, own work, copper and silver.

The yew handle is treated with my own version of violin finish:

1 grain Mastix or Dammar
1 grain Daemonoropos draco (dragon´s blood)
1 grain turpentine resin
1 grain beeswax
1 teaspoon boiled linseed oil
ca. 3 cl isopropylen or ethanol or other until the whole mess is soluted.

I also used the concoction for tanning the carving.

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