Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2015

The megalithic tomb at Münzenberg

It is hard to describe this. After a great weekend at Münzenberg re-enactment fair we decided we wanted to visit the "Heiliger Stein" megalithic tomb near the village of Münzenberg. This is not just an archaeological site to us, but a very special place. I do not want to bore you out with energetic place jibberish and esoterics. But I guess the pictures DO talk.
Before we made for the short bimble towards the ancient tomb, the site of a mass burial, we had a bit of an orientation at the trailhead.
All was silent except for the wind in the grass  and the cry of a buzzard above.

The sky was high and it felt like the ground came up to greet us.

Bugloss (anchusa, in German: Ochsenzunge). You can use the root for dyeing wool and bone.
A scenic view towards Münzenberg castle.

Then we came to the hill and the tomb lay before us.

Near the site grew this hawthorn. Seemed appropriate to me ;-).

We all had different ways of asking that place. Erich and Danuta simply enjoyed each other´s company and were in for some sightseeing. Daniela was enthused and joyful about the fact that there are places like this in Germany and simply stood there enjoying the vibrant energy of the place, as the magic troll and I did. When the others had already made for the way to the car, we left a flower and a rock there, a poem and a thought. Two brown partridges passed by. A falcon flew by. There were spirals and meanders of light and power emanating through us. We held each others hand and simply enjoyed the silence and peace.
We left the place. We will be back.

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