Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2014

AYAHI-and yet another hammer-in;-)

 After the Solingen Knife expo (see monster post;-), we decided to do some forging again and met at the smithy. Volker was already busy with the kids, so we geared up, and got at it. Nick was there, and he is making some huge process. Great to see, how well he gets along with the kids, too! He forged some pendants, chain links for "The chain";-), oh so little knife-lookalikes from mild steel (that´s easier to forge for the kids, and by  cold-working the edge even cuts a little), snakes, awls, and the like.
 I was taking it easy a little, doing some "making" work and less smithing, like grinding and polishing this three-layer laminate, spring and mild steel. I experimented with some pattern-controlling. Did not work out quite the way I wanted, for the laminate is a bit off - centre, but I guess, it´s a learning process, and there´s a lot to learn still.
 Then I worked on the handle of those two Kopis knives. Above is a damascus blade, 115x2,4mm, bronze fittings, volcanic fibre, mule deer antler, and below is the would-be "Uhlenfang", "Plattdiütsch" a Northern German branch of language dating back to ancient continental Saxon, meaning  "owl´s fang".High carbon steel given to me by the forest, 120mm long with a distal taper from 8mm at the handle to 2,4 mm at the tip which might be crucible steel, for it shows a pattern, Mokume Gane, and reindeer antler.
 I made a buttcap for Uhlenfang to peen the tang over. Not that it needs it, but I like the looks;-). It´s Mokume Gane also, not yet etched.
 A fork I made quick and dirty for the barbecue after work... this tends to become a tradition, and I don´t complain...;-).
 Then I redid the edge bevel on the knife of Kathrin, Nick´s woman. Volker provided us with a steady flow of caffeine, so much in fact that it became hard on my stomach and I had to decline...;-) imagine that!
 Those two girls came over all the way from France to visit the smithy!
 But there also were kids from the neighbourhood... many are not here for the first time, and drop by whenever possible. This is the best compliment we can get.
 The young ladies enjoyed the work thoroughly.
 We forged hearts and a pendant, and it was fun to work with those two.
 Then the dale fell silent, and I set out to normalize the Seax I forged recently. I am currently thinking of how to fit a handle. I am fond of the Torgard seax, but also like the ones from Lembeck... we´ll see how it goes;-). It´s made from spring steel, with a rather thick spine and a medium length.

Then Goldemar obviously rode me;-) and I started a damascus billet from 1.2842 and mild steel. No progress shots yet, but it´s in the making, and I´ll keep you informed. Nick was getting somewhat hungry and started the BBQ fire, while I was firing away and salting;-). Do you know that feeling, when you were a kid, and were drawing away at arts classes, and completely lost in the work, and the teacher called "Now, lads and lassies,  should you come to an end...". I hated that feeling. It was not without humour that the situation remineded me of that;-), when Nick sat  there waiting (and making no secret of the fact*ggg*). Then I ran out of Borax, and had to close up. Crazier still, the stuff I thought was Borax was no Borax, and as I used it as a flux, resulted in a stench of flowers and the cockrot;-). The billet came apart at the end as a result, but I will try to weld that back on again. Just an exercise is all...

I was feeling all fluffy from the effort anyway, so I cleaned up, with great help from Nick, and we finally got to the point of grilling. I had prepared some champignons with a stuffing with cheese, lard, wild herbs, garlic, onions and cream, Nick had brought steaks and stuffed baguette, and Volker provided us with beer. Renate soon joined us, we had a simple but magnificient meal together, and chatted and laughed and generally enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

Then suddenly it was all over, and I saddled my steed and rode home, with a big gratefulness for the fact that life, while being a right bastid from time to time, generally is a great place.

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