Donnerstag, 24. April 2014

The Sgian Dhú for Jürgen...

 Now this is a sgian dhú for Jürgen I made quite fast and a bit sloppy. But hey, it was a gift, so don´t complain...;-) It is a real knife, no really it is;-)... the blade came out a bit of an unintentional recurve, but as is, it works well enough, another bastid. It´s made from 85mm x some 3,5 mm spring steel, selectively tempered and is nail, vise, anvil, antler and beer bottle ;-) (it opens beer bottles, so it´s a taactical knife;-)) tested.
 As a buttcap I chose a piece of fossile shell I once found in an old stone quarry.
 The ferrule is my trademark copper, and the spine has a fast filework. All in all, it took two-and-a-half hours to make. Still too long to earn money with, but I guess it´s all in the training, and I do not know exactly if I want to cut down on quality even more.
But it´s a nice challenge. I guess Jürgen likes it, for he did not beat me up;-) and instead offered me a beer...;-).

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