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Mittwoch, 6. November 2013

An encounter with Hugo-another unlikely Fimbulmyrk tale;-)

 It was some two weeks ago, when I went out on an after-work foraging stroll. Winter cometh;-) as they say, so I´d decided to go look for some more apples and ´shrooms and quince to stash into my attic;-).

What can I say... I was just some 200 m from the nearest house, when something came swooping at me from behind, so close I could feel the rush of air. An eurasian jay it was, and he settled close to me on this plank. Ever so gently, I took out my camera, as not to disturb him or shy him away, but he did not seem bothered at all. In fact, I had the impression that he rather enjoyed being a model star! I talked with him in my mind, but our conversation was being a bit disturbed, for I felt his attention slip;-) when a lady with a dog came by. But was he bothered by that canine? Not at all! He just ruffled his feathers a bit, made some funny noises, but otherwise was not nervous at the least. I talked to that lady, and I learned this was his place, and the neighbourhood calls him "Hugo". I found that appropriate, even if he calls himself a different name. I cannot repeat his own name, for a computer does not have signs for those sounds his name is composed of:-), and it´s also a bit too long (Eurasian Jays are sometimes being a bit pompous, I think;-)).
Then that lady went on her merry way foraging for mushrooms, and I  was left with Hugo. We had a nice chat, and he showed me a good mushroom site;-), accompagying me for a good portion of the trail.

The we said goodbye, and both went on our merry way.

I am lying, of course. Am I?;-)


  1. Way cool!
    I had a similar encounter with a squirrel once.... Can still remember it vividly. And sometimes an encounter like this is better then human companionship.

    1. How true, Ron. Animals don´t lie, and are straightforward, and sometimes even more intelligent than modern man.

    2. ...oh, and there are a lot of tales of squirrells, too... I once lived in a forest home, and squirrells used to visit us frequently. We always had a bowl of hazel- and walnuts on the windowsill inside the house. They would politely knock, my mother would open the window, and in they came. I can remember a squirrell mother with her child coming in, and having a feast on the nuts. It was a bitter cold winter. The young squirrell would sneak towards the nuts of his mother, and steal from her. She looked at him, yelled at him, and he backed off a bit, but sneaked over again in no time. Then the mother just slapped him in the face and yelled some more, and he would behave;-). Or another one on a youngling we nursed for some time. It was a great time, and I miss it.


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