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Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2013

New integral from steel I found in the woods

This is one of my current projects "on the bench", a semi-integral from quite an interesting piece of steel. As it seems, the steel rod I found was from an old corporation producing shears, saws and spades and gardening tools from the late 19th century up to the 1950s. I found an old receipt lying nearby, nearly unintelligibly, for 50 shears. Since I found ingots and spillings from a smelting process closely by, I assume that the bar might have been crucible steel. Spark analysis showed a carbon content of roundabout 0,8-1,2% with little othe ingredients. It forged best at roundabout 1000-1100 degrees Celsius and had a relatively small window of forging. It took a  good temper in an edge quench with conservative annealing, and it still carves iron rods;-). We will see what happens when I etch it... Also, I will make a butt cap, and there she goes...;-) Lousy pic, apologies for that. The handle is burned stag antler.


  1. I've never read of of someone digging up so much steel in the woods. You are a recycler extraordinaire!

  2. Gorges, thank you, but the former owners of the woods were pigs extraordinaire. I´d rather find a little less steel (and batteries and sulphur and glass thrash) and have a healthy wood. There´s only so much one can do...


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