Montag, 24. Juni 2013

Forging tutorial with special people and an underpaid job;-)

 Volker called the other day to ask if I could come over to do some forging with some special customers from Orthopaedic institutions Volmarstein, and I went over to play a bit with fire and steel and learning a bit myself. Also, he had some things waiting to be made, so I looked forward to the work! The lads and lassies came soon, and we had some great fun together.
 One of the guys sister putting me to a real challenge. She wanted to forge a shamrock, and I had never done that before. Even more challenging was that she wanted it to be worn as a pendant, so it had to be quite light...
 Volker made one of his trademark hearts.

 This is the outcome, looks more like an iron cross;-). I first forged a nail, and then squared the head (which I will not do next time:-)) and then we took the chisel to it. She was a bit reluctant at first to hit with all her might, for she did not want to hurt me, but when I said, hammer away, you WON´t hit me;-), she took her resolve and we made the thingie above. I daresay it´s all in your head...
 She was righteously proud of her achievement, and it was a pleasure to work together with her.
 Then Karl came by. Karl is an old miner working for the Zeche Herberholz in the neighbourhood. He slammed a jack-hammer-chisel on the bench and said: "Oi there, quench it." I said "Er, beg you pardon?"
"Now, just heat it and stick it in the water. But don´t anneal the back. Oh, by the way, this one is older than you are..."-"Do you know what steel it is?" - "It´s chisel steel. When I was still working, the smith just used to stick it in water."- "Boy, I must know a bit more, and I can´t guarantee.."-"...just heat it to 1.200 degrees then quench it! I come fetching it in an hour."1.200 degrees Celsius, mind you.;-) Did not do anything like that, but heated it to non-magnetic and quenched it in lard, which came along nicely. To avoid softening the rear end, I wrapped a wet (wet through, and constantly re - soaked) piece of cloth around it. Bit tricky, but it worked.
Then I started another project. This photo is exclusively for my druidic friends out there and it illustrates quite well what drives me;-).

May the AOUEIn guide you always!

That said and done;-), Volker had a job to be made, some 20 tent pegs. I was going at it like a pit bull, all enthusiasm and stuff... it was only halfway into forging tips and scrolling away that I learned how much he wanted to have as pay... I was near a hysterical fit: 2,00€ apiece. For a tent peg with scrollwork.:-/ never trust your employer. Would not mind if I was not earning my own money with the jobs he acquires. But I do not want to sound greedy. It´s just that at the end of the month having something to eat waiting in the fridge,wait, the cupboard, for I can´t afford a fridge, after 12 hours of forging would be quite relaxing for a change...;-) But it was fun to make anyway, and I hope he gets the prices right someday. I made fun out of him for that, and he promised to "go into negotiations" with the customer again. We´ll see how it will go;-).

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