Mittwoch, 6. April 2016

Whittling a bear´s head with a bushcraft knife

On a recent bimble I came across this lovely piece of pine wood and thought to get some whittling practice in. Now many people argue you can´t do delicate stuff with a bushcraft knife... but it´s always the swimming pants if the peasant can´t swim (as we say in Germany...);-). So I thought I´d make a bear´s head. First I removed the bark
Carved a step for the ears and a second for the snout
Thinned out the snout
Made a notch for the ears with the knife´s tip.
Then I flattened the sides of the snout.
Elaborated the snout and carved in some eyes...
...more detailing work
Carved the mouth... this... grrraaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr;-)!!!!
Carved out the hindmost part of the head.
Then I saw there´s an owl at the back of the head of the bear... symbolically interesting, if you ask me...;-), so next time it will be an owl... I´ll keep you posted!

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