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Mittwoch, 27. April 2016

On the bench- jewellry and crap steel...:-)

 Just a quick update on what is up to now: Arm ring from table cutlery...
 Another one from bronze...
 This one I found in the forest in a very strange manner: I followed two wild pigs into a holly thicket, and they just looked at me and began digging in the ground, looked at me again and went on their merry way... where they had dug, there was a junkheap of an old farmhouse, and there it was I found this piece of silver. Of course I had to punch a Celtic wild boar into it...
 Top to bottom: Three-layer laminate, Damascus, three layer laminate blades with reindeer antler, birchwood burr and bog oak from a mine in Witten.
...and a blacksmith´s knife from spring steel. That did not turn out too well....


  1. Until I started reading your blog, I'd never come across anyone who managed to find so much usable metal in the woods! lol

  2. I've pulled 30kg or more out of the same forest on a single walk. Glad to see my influence is rubbing off on you :)

  3. Guys, I simply am a bush bum and messie person...;-)...and Martin, I really love that style LOL!:-D


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