Dienstag, 21. Mai 2013

Oh the loot-a weekend of viking shopping and gifts from my lovely magic troll!

 Now this is a geardo post. I am not above some fit of manic shopping from time to time, and I actually do not ven have to forage for food this month because of money shortage... feels good for a change. I travelled to my love´s home in Marburg to meet with her and her father, Erich the viking;-) to go to Münzenberg medieval fair. All in all, the fair was a great one with meetings with Jonny, the mad harpist, and his wife, with great conversations and meetings with great people, and I got me some material. Clockwise: Ram´s horn scales from the Solingen expo still, elk antler, roe antler for a pendant, roe antler, a nice tomahawk, roe antler, a beautiful pieve of flint, more elk antler, and reindeer antler from the Solingen expo.
 And these goodies I got from my lovely lovely love, the magic troll. A skull cap in Naalbindning technique, new viking shoes that could do well even at work, and some hand-knitted socks. She makes them for you,too, if you´d ask her nicely enough or have something equally nice;-) to trade. Look here for her blog!
 I really like those shoes, handmade and all.
 Brass shoe nails, nice. I´ll put some rubber on, though, the soles would be a bit slippery on the grass.
And, finally, I got me some handmade glass jewellry to go on knife lanyards. Beautiful, and awesomely made-and authentical in the bargain!

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