Donnerstag, 16. Mai 2013

Flea market find - Nuba dagger

 On the flea market in Schwelm, where I worked as a member of the organisation team, I found this treasure; a real tribal dagger, which I guess might be a Nuba dagger, for i have seen similar designs. It came with a beautifully and skillfully made leather sheath. The handle is some hardwood which I have not yet identified.
 The blade is fitted into the handle by a simple hole, and it looks as if it wasn´t glued in, but simply NAILED... dead ugly, but these knives have to work, and the knife looks like it has seen quite a bit of working-no petty art knives here;-).

 The blade is excellently tempered and skillfully forged spring steel with a thickness of about 1,2 mm. Try tempering that selectively without warping, and selectively tempered it seems to be! The blade carves mild steel rods but is flexible to boot. The edge had some dents close to the handle which might be due to bone contact or simply rust.
The backside of the sheath is skillfully sewed together. There is a plaited knot to secure the handle.

The best part is, it cost me 3,00€.*ggg*

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