Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

Doomsday forging party;-)

 Everyone was raving about that big event going on, staged for 21st December, wait, what was it now, that Maya thing;-), knowharramean?*ggg* So we figured we´d do our own thing and start a party for ourselves. Willi, Volker and I met at the smithy to pound some iron, and just in case die the way we´d think most agreeable;-).
 Willi had dressed up like Quetzalcoatl his self, but no cocoa, Volker was not in the mood. So we had a lot of coffee instead.
 Volker proudly presenting the Chrismas tree. I asked him if it were not better to put it in the living room, for he really arranged it nicely, but he replied "Naay, I don´t want to have that indoors!" Weird.;-) His cats, however, had a lot of fun with the tree.
 I made some knives and these chandeliers, easily done, and fun to make!
The Quetzalcoatl cat of doom!

Galore!;-) Two sgian dhú blades, a birka knife, a prybar knife tool for Fritz, and a leaf handle blade. The blades are all spring steel.

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