Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

Santa´s brought me a nice gift!;-)

A new bike frame, that is, a 17" Orange crush allmountain frame. A big thanks goes to Metal Motion bikeshop, the friendly folks there, especially Dennis and Ralf Scheffer, who gave it to me at an almost obscene bargain and contributed a lot to me really wanting to ride again. I was being a bit tired lately and could not see the point as to move my lazy butt just for the sake of sports, but hey, often you don´t know what you missed until you do it again!

It is utterly pointless, it does not serve any purpose, but fun riding does something for my soul I did not know that I missed it, but I did!

Other than that,  a bike is my only means of individual transport... and it gets me places...;-) but  that´s only rational blubbering. The truth is, I really want to ride!

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