Freitag, 5. Februar 2016

On the bench-Nessmuk full tang

Currently on the bench and waiting for the finish is another Fimbulmuk design;-). I really love this style of knife. I have a great respect for George Washington Sears, not necessarily because I just think his more prosaic works are useful (they are, still, if you adapt them to modern times) or because he was a special man (he was) and a poet (he was) and an accomplished outdoorsman, but because he lived-in spite of all the adversities and difficulties he found a way to live his life. So a Nessmuk, while being a practical design, always is a kind of statement to me, a tribute to the ol´man.

This one is made from 19th century crucible steel and that steel might actually have some of the same properties the Nessmuk knife´s steel originally had. The tang has yet to be drilled out for balance, and there is still some flaw on one side that I have to get rid of, but then it will be good, I guess...look forward to it.

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