Dienstag, 2. Juni 2015

On the bench these days

 At the recent crafts event I had the opportunity to forge a bit for myself. Top to bottom: Damascus Seax blade from monster Damascus by Matthias Zwissler, a shape that will hopefully become a decent sword from spring steel, two Damascus blades out of Andreas Hendrichs - Damascus, a monster Damascus stock, an awl or shish kebap spit and a BBQ fork, plus a spoon
 The spoon. I consider doing some carving to the rear end, which is a bit sturdy, so to say.
 The spit and fork.
 Amulets and a caplifter. Left to right: Birka amulets (sickle and fire striker), which were worn in combination with a Thor´s hammer (miolnir) pendant. Small Miolnir pendant, a larger one and the aforementioned caplifter which will be great for a key ring.
 And an iron age interpretation of a knife. I used a Hofi-twist to the handle, which is finished with a brass brush. The knife is made from spring steel and, as usual, has a selective temper. The bevel is a high convex one along the lines of a Solingen "Dünnschliff", which will be seeing some work still.

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