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Donnerstag, 27. November 2014

Yonder hill along the creek into the realm of twilight

 The other side did call me violently again, and so I packed my gear and followed an ancient trail into the realm of twilight, the ever-growing forest´s shroud. It greeted me with sunlit aisles, and as I leisurely strolled along the path, I heard what I often hear when I leave the roaring world of mankind behind: Five buzzards circled high above and cried their lonesome, eerie cries.
 Over treetops they circled, over the deep crevice of this ancient valley, where once upon a time there roared the smithies. Fallen sullen and silent, the old machines lie rusting in the wold, and death embrothers them to the red-brown mould of fallen leaves.
 One buzzard sat above in the crags and cried and sang to me; and as I passed, it flew along my path for a good while, some 10 m away from me, from time to time perching upon a tree stump. And I looked into the eyes of the bird, and I understood.
 All the while the creek sang its vivid, living, striving song.
 And over old hills I walked, not meeting a soul, but bird and deer kept me company. I found a lot of treasures that day; the skull of a marten, two spades, a nickel silver plate and a piece of horse bone. The spades I left in a cache in the woods...just in case;-).
 I´d love to restore this barn... and live there, by the stream.
 I met with this sleek fish hunter, a cormorant.
 And yonder crags I climbed along the stream into hidden thickets.

 For there it is my soul is soothed; I need these outings to remain sane and true to myself. The folly of the everyday race of life subsides, and in the quiet solitude of the woods I experience sense and purpose that in the hectic of our society goes alack.
 There is a beauty in the silent regard of tree and stone,
 and death and life, and plant and beast, blend into each other. My racing mind is calmed, and I understand without words, where my path is headed.
 I am grateful to be able to pass by the homes of those little inhabitants of the woods without disturbing them, the true rulers of the wild, the gentle servants of the savage grace of the woods.
 And when my roaming draws to a close near the evening, I take home those cherished memories to dwell on them forever.
Legally I am considered poor. But there is a wealth far richer than words can describe, that no banker or tycoon can take from me. The savage grace loves me, and I love her. More there is not to be said, and no worship done would do her justice, and there is no sacrifice that is mine to give. Just my love.


  1. Though our religious views are quite different, I believe, I don't think you'll disagree with a statement that I made in a long past story. "Everything makes a sort of sacred sense in the woods."

    1. Gorges, sometimes I feel we are not that different. And I am agreed 100% with you. Personally I believe that even the ever-prominent Evil we are faced with makes a sort of sacred sense. Not an agreeable one, but who are we to argue with God? In the woods I find something without words, indifferent to all worship by words. I personally think that we need a new Eucharist Whitsun wonder like that portrayed in the Bible. We need the humility to simply love for the sake of love, and not for the sake of words. In the woods all is simple. And was it not Jesus seeking contemplation in the desert to find his path and fighting with the Devil? I use words of poetry, that much is true, and get inspired by the female aspect of the deity (as I would call it), but what counts is that which inspires, and not the words. Only by truly seeking and truly loving (and don´t get me wrong, I have no expertise in that) can we achieve to even agnize, and we are in desperate need of God. We desperately need his love, if I may borrow your line of talking. And, we also need the heart and the eyes to actually sense it when we get it. Even those are lost to most humans on their "shrewd and wicked ways".

      In the woods we have the chance to find them again.


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