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Mittwoch, 17. September 2014

Highland Games Wuppertal - Gooseflesh and catastrophes

 So, again a post full of extremes... Jogi had called some time ago, and I followed as usual to the wonderful event of the Highland Games Wuppertal by Clan Mac Laren. We arrived on Saturday and set up forge...
 Nick was helping me out this time, and did a great job at that!
 Erm... hm.. are you sure you want to set up the forge like this? Do you really know how to light a fire? Really, do you? Can we do this actually?*ggg*


 It wasn´t too long before the first kids wanted to forge.
 We even got some real prices for a change, for we simply decided to put on  aprice list. Volker whined about that people would not want to pay this much, but, fact was, they even paid more voluntarily!
 Volker had provided us with really professional equipment to make sure it wasn´t too easy for us and we had not too much fun. But we really embarassed him by managing to have fun nonetheless
 Handforging speaks louder, and there were kids and adults alike having fun, too.
 Rübe in his war paint...;-) made my day....;-)
 The folks from Metwabe provided a joke and mead and delicious dark honey ale.
 Sauces and mustards with honey and mead...

 And the honey ale. Better than the famed "Odin" if you ask me, for the honey is actually brewed in and not just refined sugar syrup.
 The picture tells a tale...;-)
 One of my friends, Thomas, was there, too, with his great Sgians, Dirks and Seaxes. He makes them very cleanly and with a spring steel blade that is tempered to 58 HRC.
 He is a friendly guy and an accomplished bladesmith, and he makes some very sensibly designed and very slicey blades with lovingly carved handles.
 We always meet at the fair, and it´s always a delight!
 Thomas´wife also knows a thing or two about herblore. Why is it so that the guys always do the pounding and the gals always tend to the wounds*ggg*?

`Historical dirks:

 New designs.
 I was fond of this Oseberg carving.
 And those pendants.
 Nick and I had a cuppa, and in a frenzy the first day was over!

 We listened to some quality music and had a beer and all was great!

 ...which cannot be said of Sunday. I had talked to Volker since two years time, ever since the warp of the axle of our forge broke, that the axle would be next and had to be welded. He was always like "Tomorrow..maybe..."
 This is what happened. BUMMER.
 It happened ten minutes into the day, and no repair possible. I was getting completely pissed off by the comments "why don´t you forge  a new axle..?!". But getting angry was not an option, so we instead watched the parade.

 By the way, Dominik came by and asked "Would the sword withstand being beaten upon the  shield?". I laughed and took it and slammed it edge first into a mild steel rod. I loved how his face went slack with disbelief;-).

 This is Jogi, and I daresay he did a great job, for he was the one behind the acquisition of the traders and the music, doing sponsorship negotiations and finding still time for a friendly chat and a party. Jogi´s a great guy. Period.
 Since we were all angry and frustrated we had to do something, so we delved into the roast pig, had loads of cake and coffee...
 ...and met with friends. Nele and Unrest came by, and we had a ball.
 This is the tartan of Clan Mac Laren.
 The sword, not yet finished, but in good working order.

Then Olaf dropped by, too, and he showed off some new blades.

 This Seax is impressive. It is made out of steel from a knife for eye surgery, and it´s fiercely sharp.
 Together with a spine thickness like that you would not want to get on the wrong side of that beast.
 He also had made a war hammer. Lovely. He does not forge to date, but we will change that soon.;-)

 His bro Peter was there, too, and he brought his war hammer, too, a bit bigger...*ggg*
 Soon we had a party going on, explaining to the public and having some weirdo fun, too.
 Nele posing as warrior princess...
 Come on, Xena, you got it in you!
 This is Peter´s Seax. Not sensible in the least, but extremely wild.
 Nele overdoing it;-).
 Olaf´s belt assembly. He does all of the leather work himself. He is extremely creative and inspiring.

 This is his eating assembly made from old Solingen cutlery.

Peter´s neck knife.

 And a boot awl Olaf carries. Those two guys were bristling with weapons, but, if you talk to them you soon recognize that they are some of the nicest people around.

The wheel broke. It broke because of ignorance.

It did not prevent us from keeping the fire burning. It did not prevent us from having a ball, and I daresay something far more important was forged:

New friendships and new alliances.

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