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Donnerstag, 1. August 2013

It´s been a long time...;-)

... since you read something substantial in this blog. Not because nothing has happened, that much is safe to say, but for various reasons. One is that my camera is wrecked and I do not want to bore you with endless texts (okay, I actually DO want that, but don´t tell anyone). Another one is that I am currently over the top with things to organize: I train the beginners of our mountainbike club again, work for the city marketing and the smithy, and have to clear a smithy and build up a new one. And then I have to travel quite a bit to see the person I love most in this world... so much to do!

But as soon as I got a new camera, you can look forward to some new projects and news on this blog at least next month. PROMISE!!!;-) So, just stay linked, and look forward to some strange humour, raw work, bushcraft, poems, recipes, rants, and hard riding soon!


  1. Don't be afraid to post text without pictures. If it's interesting, people will read it. For your sake, though, I DO hope you get a new camera soon. It can be frustrating not to have one when you want one.

  2. Indeed they will, and possibly remember the stories more than if there are photos. Photos are but fleeting glimpses of life! Better get myselft ready to go to work now! Good to hear from you Markus.

  3. Your writing is certainly never boring, Markus. The pictures are icing. Now being busy, I understand. That's what hurts my blogging the most. Hope all your endeavors turn out well....

  4. Thanks, guys, you´re a faithful lot! Normally I would not exactly fuss about not having anything but make do instead. But it is somewhat funny - you get somewhat sucked into this networking thing...;-), and i must watch myself not to post photos of the coffee I drank yesterday and that visagenetwork addiction stuff;-). But blogging I love more than the rest, for I get in contact - and can keep contact- with people of my own stamp.

    With you. And that means something to me.


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